Gabrielle Shaw Communications

Letter From Our Founder

Published 05 / 06 / 2020
Welcome to our new website


After three months in lockdown, many have endured a struggle, some have had time to reflect on their priorities, but as a community we emerged ready for a better and brighter future. It seems only right, that in such a time of change and of growth in the UK, when people more than ever are focused on the impact of their actions, that we launch our new website which continues to communicate our mission to amplify purposeful voices.

At the heart of our new website is our mission to amplify purposeful voices. Climate consciousness and positive-impact businesses need to be central to the conversation and we can use our over two decades of expertise in sustainability within the luxury and retail industries to help these companies grow and excel in the ‘new normal’.

We remain passionate about supporting sustainable movements and start-ups, especially those with female founders, so continue our Accelerator Programme, which we launched in 2018. With clients such as Positive Luxury and HURR Collective, this programme is a great opportunity to accelerate disruptors within the luxury industry.


Best Regards,
Gabrielle Shaw, Founder and CEO