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How 360 Coms & PR Can Help UK Brands Enter the US & Other New Markets

Expanding into the USA market presents a tremendous opportunity for UK brands, but it also comes with unique challenges. Gabrielle Shaw Communications (GSC), a leading London-based PR agency, specialises in helping UK brands successfully enter the US and other markets. Here’s more about how brands can be supported to navigate this exciting venture.

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The architecture of building a brand for PR

A brand is much more than products, a logo and packaging. Every strong brand is backed by the essential components of its identity. Through brand strategy, a constellation of elements work together to build reputation, familiarity and emotional connection. This is the core of building brand desire.

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Who Stands By Your Brand?  

For centuries influencer product endorsement has won consumer hearts and minds. In 18th-century Britain, affirmation by the royal family put wind in the sails (and sales!) of Wedgewood’s fine china and porcelain. In the 1920s, Madison Avenue, the new epicentre of US advertising and PR, started pairing brands with athletes and film stars to bring sparkle to modern products.

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Tips for PR and Marketing Brands in a Recession

Here are tactics for working with PR/Comms experts to survive and thrive while moving from pandemic to recession. From shoring up brand DNA and consumer understanding to creative approaches that adapt to the times, there is a roadmap ahead.

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