GSC Alumni Emily O’Donoghue

Published 02 / 16 / 2021

GSC Alumni Emily O’Donnoghue

For our first GSC Alumni interview of 2021, we spoke with Emily O’Donnogue, who worked at GSC for many years. She now runs a wonderful fashion Instagram page, with 19.5k followers.

How have been over the past 12 months? 

The last 12 months have been challenging! I am a person that likes to be busy by working and travelling, and this year it was hard to do either! But the slowed down time also gave me time to enjoy family moments more than ever which is good!

What has been your most memorable moment in your career?

I think getting offered two different jobs at one time from two directors at MTV who both wanted me on their team! I was 25 and they sort of put a value on my ability to finally put my learned skills from Uni into practice! It was a tough decision choosing, but I think I made the right choice!

What is your favourite memory with GSC?

Wow! Too many! I think I loved the craziness of it all. G’s diary was MENTAL, and trying to manage it was such a challenge, but one I loved! I also adored her girls popping in every now and again, they were the cutest!

What inspired you to start your fashion blog/Instagram page?

I always liked working or creating, and I needed to do something to keep myself busy when I had two kids that were finally in school so I decided to bite the bullet and do fashion!

What is your life like as a fashion influencer? What career aspects do people tend to oversee?

Life has never been as fulfilling as it is now I have to say – I have two beautiful daughters who are great fun to be with and keep me busy every day.  And the Instagram work has taken off exponentially these past six months.  I think people who don’t know anything about content creation on Instagram might think it is quite easy,  but it’s not!  It’s bloody hard work and your mind is constantly racing wondering how to be even more creative and inspiring!

In what way did GSC lead you to this career?

I wouldn’t say that it did per say, but the multitasking skills I learned at GSC will forever help me in anything I do.

Are there any exciting projects you are working on in 2021?

Yes!  I have been asked to be a brand ambassador for two leading Irish retailers!

What book or TV show are you recommending at the moment?

Sucession was incredible and I am now engrossed in Outlander!

What positive changes are you hoping to see in the world after the pandemic?

A greater sense of humility in everyone. This virus stopped everyone in their tracks and made them reevaluate their priorities. It’s not all about what we have anymore,  it’s about who we have. Family and friends are so important and we need to cherish our relationships more than ever.

What is the best advice you have been given in your personal and professional life?

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” (my Headmaster on my final report)

“Be kind to everyone”

What advice would you give your younger self ?

Things don’t always have to be perfect

Try and say “fuck it” every now and again

What are you doing for a more sustainable lifestyle?

I am an avid recycler/composter

What was the most valuable lesson you have learned at GSC?

How to eat ALOT of cream cheese icing from Hummingbird red velvet cupcakes 😂

Thank you Emily for your time. Make sure you take a look at her Instagram page at @fashionablyfortyish