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GSC and Partners: Geordie Leyland

Published 01 / 21 / 2021

GSC and Partners: Geordie Leyland

As part of Our GSC and Partners offering, we are now working with Geordie Leyland who creates beautiful thought provoking films.

After training as an actor at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he performed professionally in several London plays. He spent over a decade studying storytelling and screenwriting, making dozens of short films and writing even more screenplays. In the process he has garnered experience in all parts of the production process, from organising budgets to hiring crews; from developing ideas to writing and shooting them; from handling digital media, to cutting, colouring and delivering the final film. He is able to oversee all parts of the process.

He likes his work to be funny, sad and irreverent. He wants to make evocative stories to get emotive responses. He completely and utterly dedicates himself to everything he makes.

This year he created three commercial projects for Temperley London and has been asked for an upcoming Christmas advert for designer Olivia Von Halle.

His recent short film for Beata Heuman won official selection at the Birmingham Film Festival. It was nominated in three categories- notably for “Best Film Under Five Minutes” a category where no other nominee submitted branded content.  It has also won official selection at the Brussels Independent Film Festival. You can watch it here.