Introducing our Latest Client Win, Addison Ross

Introducing our Latest Client Win, Addison Ross

We are so pleased to announce that Addison Ross has chosen us to plan and execute their strategic communications campaign.

Gabrielle Shaw Communications are leading the Tastemaker programme, building the brand’s profile in the interiors world.

Our brief is an international multi-channel scope that focusses on aided and enabling the expansion of their business, as they focus on their expansion at home in the UK and across the US.

Addison Ross is a family-owned company that designs and produces luxury frames, gifts and homewares that can be personalised with your own photographs and text using their state-of-the-art technology.

We are helping prepare the brand for further global expansion, working across the marketing spectrum, including profiling the founders, PR, social media and influencer relationship management.


Welcoming Katie Brindle and her Hayo’u brands to the GSC family

Katie Brindle is joining our roster of amazing female founders

We are thrilled to be working with Katie Brindle, who will be joining our roster of female founders, and her brands Hayo’u and Hayo’uFit.

Katie Brindle is an acclaimed Chinese medicine practitioner and best-selling author who founded Hayo’u to make the immense power of self-care, self-healing, and preventative health available to a wide audience.

Hayo’u distils the remarkable holistic philosophy of Chinese medicine into straightforward but effective self-care techniques and products, such as Gua Sha, which can be experienced in easy, one-minute daily rituals.

Following Hayo’u’s success, Katie launched Hayo’uFit in the summer of 2020 after the pandemic hit, offering Qi Gong classes via an app and on Instagram live for all levels of fitness. This ancient technique encourages people to recognise the connection between their attitudes, emotions and physical wellbeing.

These brands are especially relevant since the onset of the pandemic, and Katie’s vision of self-care and wellness makes for an incredibly timely and resonant brief, these brands have become indispensable to those who have discovered them.

As part of the brief, GSC will reinforce Hayo’u as an integrated brand proposition with a series of social media and influencer marketing campaigns. These new opportunities are an exciting addition to our wellness and beauty practice

Katie Brindle has added:

“I am delighted to be working with Gabrielle Shaw and her team. We are at a crucial stage of our journey as a brand and Gabrielle Shaw Communication’s big picture approach to nurturing brands and entrepreneurs resonates closely with our ethos.”


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