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World Vegan Day

Published 11 / 01 / 2020
With Sustainability at the core of GSC, we are celebrating World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day

The 1st of November marks World Vegan Day. Sustainability is at the core of what we do here at GSC, and this includes making sure we know where our food comes from and how it impacts the environment.

Plant-based and vegan lifestyles have become more and more popular over the last decade, with it seeming to be a trend rather than a conscious choice. However, recent research has shown that in a population of 7.8 billion, an estimated 14% are identified as vegans. After 2019 was declared as ‘The Year of the Vegan’, we have witnessed a revolutionary change in the way that people are choosing to live their lives to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Not only is veganism beneficial for our health, but it also fosters protection of the environment and the lives of animals. World Vegan Day is celebrated through exhibitions, seminars, public debates, workshops and awareness events, providing the opportunity for individuals to advocate their vegan lifestyle choices, ideas and adaptations. However, with restrictions implemented as a result of Covid-19, the celebrations will look slightly different this year.

We know that being vegan is not for everyone- besides not wanting to give up our favourite indulgences, some research also shows certain health benefits from eating animal products. Still, why not take this year’s world vegan day to test a new vegan recipe, to cut down on our meat or dairy consumption with a delicious new idea?

Veganism doesn’t only come in the form of what you eat, but also within the fashion and beauty industry. With more and more companies launching vegan products or ranges, it is much easier to make simple changes to lead a more ethical lifestyle.

Here are some simple ways to make everyday choices that can help you to life a more vegan lifestyle:

  • Reduce meat consumption to twice per week – great for the environment and your health
  • Try replacing you milk with almond, soy or oat milk – after a few try’s you won’t notice the difference
  • Try the vegan ranges from your favourite bakeries – Ladurée’s vegan macarons will be available in the UK from November 4th!
  • Researching how your go-to fashion and beauty products are made. 31st State is a great cosmetics brand to go for, as all their products are vegan and natural.
  • Set yourself a challenge not to buy new clothes for all of November. You can rent clothes instead , from wonderful places such as Front Row!

Happy world Vegan day!


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