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Gabrielle Shaw Communications is a boutique, London-based agency with strong international capabilities. This may be considered unusual for a small independent operation. “Old school’ style is for clients to hire the big multi-nationals for work in multiple markets. While it sounds appealing (albeit expensive), one size rarely fits all when it comes to a single company with offices around the world. Their expertise can vary from country to country, and under the same parent company, a client might feel stuck with them – and some may feel stuck with the client. Additionally, the world of luxury and style demands a more considered network.

Choosing an independent agency for multi-market work is not the well-trodden path, yet at GSC we’ve done a great deal of highly successful global work. And we relish having clients who go against the grain to choose us. When it comes to serving as lead global agency, we’re accomplished at creating global platforms, toolkits and individual market coordination. Likewise, we create handpicked networks for our clients, where each local partner offers deep sector knowledge and a passion for success. We vet our local teams to ensure they are fully briefed and on board with the strategic, logistic and financial priorities of our clients.

Here are some ways in which we can build and manage bespoke global teams:


Gabrielle Shaw Communications is a member of the Taan global network of agencies. Taan is one of the world's oldest, largest and most successful networks of carefully selected independent communications advertising & PR agencies. Today there are 51 member companies operating on every continent, in 32 countries and 67 cities worldwide.

Our member companies, along with our affiliated agencies and resources, offer un-paralleled access to a world of communication experts. As part of Taan, we keep regular company with award winning agencies, creative hot shops and top talent from around the world. We share best practice and offer each other market and influencer insights 24/7.

The framework is flexible, so we can bring in Taan support informally or for a one-off project, or facilitate a longer term on the ground relationship for our clients if required. The expertise within the network spans all facets of the marketing mix, from PR and brand communications, to advertising, events and experiential, design, and social media.

Taan exists to enhance the intelligence, expertise, reach and effectiveness of its member agencies.

  • Cooperative Learning
  • Expert Insight
  • Cultural Reach
  • Shared Capabilities

This makes us stronger as an independent agency, and provides myriad benefits to our clients. To learn more about Taan, please visit



Our GSC team has contacts in most international markets. This includes procurement of local agencies or individuals to form ad hoc, on-the-ground teams. We have international creative collaborators who contribute and coordinate as required. For example, Sophie Ravier, (former Director of the Paris office for Golin Harris), is based between Athens, Paris and London. Sophie supports GSC as European Coordinator, providing strategy and local implementation of global comms programmes. Jennifer Hall, based in Florence, is a luxury and nautical expert who supports GSC as sailing programmes advisor.

Within each market, we can move easily across audience segments and channels. In key markets such as Paris, New York and LA, we have strategic partner agencies and local consultants who regularly provide us with on the ground teams for client activations. We are also a deft hand at influencer mapping in most chosen spheres of influence


For specific tactical work, it can sometimes be most effective to work with the original London-based GSC team to conduct media relations, or manage projects in other countries. The ‘direct from London’ approach works well when we target select global hub cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Milan, Dubai or Sao Paulo.

There are a variety of options to expand this model. This might include building up our London team to include short-term consultants who offer comprehensive understanding of the local language, culture and geographies, and who offer significant expertise in the sector. Alternatively, we may add an individual with similar skills, who is already on the ground in the local market. Through regular contact with HNWI, luxury firms and family offices, we have a network of fixers and the clout to enter influential circles in most key locations.

At GSC, the creation of an international network for our clients is a fluid process. We work together to find an approach that suits your priorities, objectives, timings and budget. In our view, this is the future of global campaigns.

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