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Invention of the 'non-restaurant' restaurant

Deluxe by Lidl

Transcending its loyalist base to become 'supermarket cool' Lidl the German global discount chain has broken new ground with its significant shift in market reputation and consumer perception. Renowned for their no-nonsense approach to retailing, Lidl has a significant number of outlets across Europe and the UK and demonstrate a consistently growing market share.

OUR WORK TOGETHER - We worked with challenger brand Lidl to launch its pop-up restaurant Deluxe, a campaign aimed at questioning misconceptions about the retailer’s low costs and quality of produce. Guests chose from a three course menu with London prices, but on receiving the bill discovered everything they had enjoyed came from Lidl, and the big news was that they only had to pay what it would cost to buy the ingredients from Lidl.

Our campaign was comprised of promoting the restaurant as ‘London’s first non –restaurant’ with local media to secure bookings and a VIP launch to create buzz, before moving onto a ‘reveal’ stage targeting consumer affairs and news reporters.

Launch of Kevin Love, Chef-in Residence

Following Deluxe, GSC worked with Lidl to develop and unveil Kevin Love as the brand’s first ever Chef-in-Residence. Love was formerly at the helm of the renowned Heston Blumenthal-owned restaurant Hinds Head Bray. We worked with the wider Lidl team to develop communications around Love’s unique full-time role with the chain, developing relevancy and understanding around his expertise and customer-engagement.

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    Deluxe Charity Launch for Clic Sargent – celebrity guests

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    Elegant dining with a surprise twist ending

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    Lidl’s famed wines featured at Deluxe