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Introducing the mystery and celebrity of Ciroc


Now the go-to vodka for high-rollers and ballers alike, Ciroc is a French-made vodka derived from grapes rather than wheat. In the global market since 2007 with its famous ambassador and co-owner Sean Diddy Combs leading the run on its placement as an aspirational lifestyle brand.

OUR WORK TOGETHER - GSC broke initial ground for the brand in the UK, laying foundations with the trade, engaging key trade accounts, driving sales volume and establishing Ciroc as the vodka of choice for premium Kensington, Chelsea and Mayfair locations.

Cementing the work that had been done in the US, the brand was approached as a unique offering with an air of mystery and a consistent desirability. We built on the trade facing Ciroc Celebr8 campaign that paired eight crucial locations in key London destinations with the brand exclusively. We worked with 8 leading designers and top mixologists on a campaign involving everything from bespoke bottles to judging panels with Ciroc cocktails populating the on trade-sphere.

Notable Projects Include

CIROCFresh DJ Cocktail Clash

CIROCCeleb8 Artists Bottle Reinterpretation

Ciroc Launch Party

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    Ciroc Coconut

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    Ciroc Red Berry

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    Ciroc Vodka